Case Studies

Nova Digital built me a beautiful online store that consistently gets good feedback from customers.

Paul stressed to me the importance of doing SEO and advertising to bring people to the site. I'm really glad I took that advice. One year later business is going so well I've had to employ people to help.

Natasha Harris
Owner, Suga Mumma Bakes

Suga Mumma Bakes

Launch of a new online cookie business in Melbourne, delivering custom cookie boxes Australia-wide.

Suga Mumma Bakes had a good social media following but no website, and wanted to sell cookies Australia-wide instead of just locally.

Starting with a brand-new domain name meant starting with zero traffic and but a need to get high Google ranking nationally in Australia to make sufficient sales.

We built SMB a new website using the Shopify platform. We love Shopify for ecommerce websites.

Check it out here

We agreed a list of 16 target keywords with SMB to focus on. Because it was a new site its wasn’t appearing on Google at all when we started.

After 9 months 10 out of the 16 target keywords are ranking on the first page of Google. SMB is ranking ahead of Uber Eats for “cookie delivery” and getting almost 6,000 visitors per month.

After experimenting with both Google Shopping Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads we got by far the best return on Ad spend using social media rather than search because SMBs products are very visual.

After optimisation we got the advertising cost-per-purchase down to only $4.29 (meaning SMB was generating roughly 10-15 times the Ad spend on each sale).

The Results

Website visitors per month
1 x
Increase in online sales
1 %
Ecommerce conversion rate
Working with Nova Digital was key to our online growth. They showed us where we were at and helped us create and implement a plan.

Nova Digital managed to get us ranking ahead of well-known brands in search results!

Liz and Riley
Liz Gosselin & Sarah Riley
Co-owners, Earthproof Protein

Earthproof Protein

Building new sustainable cricket protein powder brand that’s now ranking ahead of Amazon in Google search

Earproof had done a stellar job of branding their new cricket protein powder and had an attractive website but only about 200 visitors a month – not enough to sustain decent sales levels. Our strategy was to increase website traffic levels to around 2,000 visitors/month through a combination of SEO, Paid Ads, and Social media activity.

As well as bringing more visitors, we made improvements to the website to increase conversion rates. We made sure products featured prominently on the home page and improved calls-to-action. We worked in partnership with the client to implement useability improvements and ecommerce-flow improvements to increase purchases.

After 12 months of persistent SEO effort, Earthproof Protein is ranking on the first page of Google for 14 out of 20 target keywords and is ranking ahead of Amazon in search for “best cricket powder”.

We also achieved first page Google ranking for newly launched products including protein bars and spirulina powder.


We only expected to get around half of the traffic increase we needed from SEO so that meant running a number of paid Ad campaigns alongside SEO. Because Earthproof is an ecommerce business we ran Google Shopping ads rather than Search Ads. We also ran an ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram that used a “Lookalike Audience” (people who are algorithmically similar to existing customers) with huge success.

The Results

1 %
Increase in
website traffic
1 x
Increase in online sales
1 /20
Keywords on pg 1 of Google
Nova Digital redesigned our website and grew our online presence by leaps and bounds. Our website traffic has increased immensely!

Paul is really great to work with and always spots details that we wouldn't have noticed
Jane Smith - Owner - BayTub Softubs
Jane Smith
Owner, BayTub Softubs

BayTub Softubs

Boosting sales by improving Google ranking and increasing website traffic. 

BayTub Softubs are well known in their local area but weren’t ranking for important keywords like “hot tubs halifax” and “hot tubs nova scotia”. The website also looked dated and didn’t provide the best user experience. Although ecommerce enabled, the original website had never made an online sale.

We redesigned and rebuilt the website using the Shopify platform. As well as Hot Tubs we added accessories and chemicals to the online store.

Within one week of the new site going live BayTub received their first true online order.

Check out the new site here

We agreed a list of 18 keywords to target. BayTub were not ranking on the first page of Google for any of them when we started.

6 months later they have first page ranking for 6 high-volume keywords, leading to a 400% increase in website traffic.

The Results

1 %
Increase in website visitors
1 %
Search visibility increase
1 /18
Keywords on pg 1 of Google
Nova Digital were easy to work with, assisting us with SEO in a simple and clear manner. They communicated what we could expect from the project and sent regular updates and reports of our ranking improvements.

The process was painless, thanks to Paul, and we're thrilled with the results!

Sarah Hrdlicka - Co-Owner - Cape LaHave Adventures
Sarah Hrdlicka
Co-owner, Cape LaHave Adventures

Cape LaHave Adventures

A project to improve Cape LaHave Adventures’ Google rankings

Previously CLA were not ranking on the first page for important keywords. After just 3 months CLA are on the first page of results for 10/20 target keywords…

Cape LaHave Adventures Google Ranking

The Results

1 %
Increase in
website traffic
1 %
Increase in search visibility
1 /20
Keywords on pg 1 of Google